"Nafeza" in Egypt refers to the Nafeza Online Platform, which is an initiative launched by the Egyptian government to provide various online services to citizens and residents. The platform aims to facilitate access to government services, streamline bureaucratic processes, and enhance efficiency in public service delivery.

Nafeza offers a wide range of services across different sectors, including but not limited to:

1. Civil Registry Services: Such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates.

2. Traffic Services: Including vehicle registration, driver's license renewal, and traffic violation payments.

3. Real Estate Services: Such as property registration, land surveys, and property tax payments.

4. Legal Services: Including notary services, power of attorney issuance, and legal document authentication.

5. Business Services: Such as company registration, commercial registry services, and tax-related services for businesses.

By providing these services online, Nafeza aims to reduce the need for physical visits to government offices, minimize paperwork, and streamline processes for individuals and businesses. It also contributes to the government's efforts to digitize public services and improve overall service delivery to citizens and residents across Egypt.